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Welcome to Cruisemates and here's hoping you are on your cruise with little worries...Firstly, I urge you to get in touch wirth a cruise specialist to take you by the hand and get all the pertinent details about your selection.

$2,300. I asked my friend who went to India for the same length of time
Remember, since you are travleing solo, the fare is usually plus, 150 ~200 % of that price, unless you have already calculated it that way.

weeks. I need to know though, is Princess a good line? Pictures look nice, and I don't need a large room at all. I think the interior staterooms would be totally fine..are they?
Princess is a wonderful line, I have sailed several of the ships. I myself would prefer at least an ocean view, but others who like complet darkness,and don't need any light, will do well.

Now, if a friend or family member wants to go? Great! But I'm not counting on it, and I'm really not opposed to traveling alone. In all likelihood, if I do book this, I would be on my own. 26-year-old female. I reason that it seems like it would be safer to be on a closed boat with a lot of people near at all times than in some city in some foreign country by myself, but I do want to double check-is that the case?

People cruising are usually a very friendly bunch, so if you say hello, and start conversations, you should soon be included. Your tablemates, if you decide to eat in the main dining room, is a good place to bereak the ice. Even in the line, waiting to check in, people are chatty....

Food: I am gluten-free vegetarian, it looks like they can do special diet requests. I will be honest, I'm in treatment/recovery from an eating disorder and I usually don't go anywhere without protein supplements. Are things like energy bars okay to bring on board? I can make do without them, it's always better to have some though.

Make sure your travel agent lets the line know of your request,and, when you board, head to the dining room, to speak to the maitre'd, to go over your needs. Bring all the energy bars,and supplements, you will need for successful dining experiences on your cruise.

Seasickness? I'm not all that worried because I take anti-nausea and anti-reflux medicine every day as it is, so I have effective remedies for queasiness. I want to know if it's worse than I'm imagining it could be...

The ships have stabilizers, so,for most people it's a non issue as far as meds.

I assume because they have cruises to Hawaii in November and December that the weather isn't terrible that time of year? I won't expect it to be sunny and 75 every day, but it is bearable?

I know there are a multitude of activities, if I do go through with this I'll have a questions about recommendations I think it would be really good to get out there and meet people. Part of recovery is also adapting to various dining situations, so this could be a healthy sort of test for me.

Every evening you will find a newsletter for the following days activities. Bring a hilighter to mark what you would like to participate in..lots of good "stuff" to join in.

Is this doable, or would I be getting into something totally risky? First cruise, 20-something traveling solo for 15 days? I really want to do this, I'm not an expert though. There might be challenges I can't foresee, so I'm asking for advice. I certainly can't afford regular cruises, I don't think I'll have another opportunity to do this any time I wouldn't want to hold myself to a few shorter warm-up cruises before a dream one like this. Honestly, I've wanted to go on a cruise since I saw Titanic when I was ten, and it became my favorite movie. It's probably not meant to inspire a desire for sea-going...oh well. It did.

Sometimes going a little bit out of the box, is a wonderful way to expand your horizons. I for one, just reading your words, think you will have a wonderful time, sailing to paradise.

If I take the November 10th, it's three months from today. Is that enough time to plan this out? I haven't paid anything yet, but I did "hold" the reservation for a day. It does say "If the deposit due date falls on a weekend, booking will not cancel until the next business day." So I think I have until Monday for what I have held, but it also doesn't look like it'll sell out completely in the next few days. Still, I should do this soon if I'm going to.

If you decide to press on, this is a great amount of time to decide if you want a roomie...research your excursion options, and anticipate the cruise without a long wait...let us know what you decide...we are here for you !!!

Please let me know of any thoughts, recommendations and advice. Thank you!

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