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As always I tend to agree with you, but the fact is the cruise lines have to charge what they charge to get people on board. They would also love to be charging more and supplying a better product, but the nature of th business is that people expect lower prices.

NCL CEO Kevin Sheehan summed it up best - "the people who tend to pay less for a cruise also tend to spend less during the cruise, we prefer the kind of people who are willing to spend more in the first place - because they spend more overall."

I am not a big fan of the MDR that I had on NCL, but I am also lucky enough that I get to try all the alternatives. Moderno Churasscaria and the Steakhouse are both fantastic. I used to like Le Bistro but I was not so impressed with it on Epic.

The Italian food is average, but it is also just $10 pp extra. Teppenyaki is lots of fun, but I would not rave about the food (but also I can't eat shrimp which is half the meal.)

I have not tried Ocean Blue yet, but I am guessing it is really good.

BTW: did anyone else notice they started out calling it Ocean Blu - but changed it after about two months? I am guessing Celebrity said "we trademarked the name "Blu" already.
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