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Originally Posted by newcruising View Post
Thanks Donna.

Matelot...Thats a lot of info. More than i could have asked. Thanks loads the link provided was really helpful. A great insight to whats going on. I have looked at travel agents but only the big names Thomas cook etc do it and i don't think i would gain much.

I've looked at the rooms you can pick with TA and Im guessing they are below the Centrum!! lots of stamping noise from above reported. Think ill try nearer the front and hope for calm seas. Will i actually get the cabin i pay for if i book with RC or could it change?
Thanks for the drinks info looking forward to how much that will cost. Can i bring my own alcohol on board? bottle of spirits for example?

Thanks again
Try for a room low in the ship and midships. That is the most stable part of the ship when there is rough weather. Here are deck plans - of the Seas just check when you book that you're not over or under a late night venue. You can bring two bottles of wine per stateroom on initial boarding only. No spirits. Alcohol drinks packages start at $45 per day.
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