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Originally Posted by thecruisequeen View Post
Hi Aero!! Any comments I made on Breeze good or bad was my cruise experience. You may love, like or hate Allure and I want to hear all about it when you get back. Allure is my girl love her but it's not for everyone either.

Negative comments are also helpful to cruisers. Cruisers can decide if one cruisers negative is their negative also. After all we all have different positives and negatives...

I get it, don't you know you have to go with us on Allure
Im to the point where I'm ready to try new thing after all how do you know what you really like, time changes people and I'm ready for a different cruise experience.
We knew a while back that our upcoming Carnival cruise was going to be our last for at least a little while and if we hadn't booked ES we would of cancelled when the Triumph faltered. As I have said all along we have had a great time on Carnival but were ready to spread our wings. I really don't think I'll dislike Allure, whats not to like .
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