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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
Cruise Queen ...

You mention the entertainment, as I just said above, I will be honest and say I have not seen the new Hasbro shows or Playlist production shows. But I have to say I would personally never sit through a Hasbro game show. That seems to be such a sell-out to kid mentality, which is not "cruising."

Disney's entertainment is fantastic, but they manage to appeal to kids and adults alike without offending anyone. That is why they are the kings.

Is the new FunShip 2.0 Entertainment that bad? I have actually been curious about this for awhile now.
If you don't like the Hasbro game you should definitely go to the Love and Marriage game or listen to your fellow pax do karaoke.

Don't worry about the cabins being too hot to sleep in also. There have been plenty of complaints about the cabin temps.

Live music at the pool is a real hit these days too.

Enjoy the Fun farewell party too.

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