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As always thanks for all the answers guys. Lots of helpful info there.

Shame about the alcohol. Could be soda package for me!

Ok so last part is cabin choice. I found that deck plan a few days ago..i opened to screens one with deck 2 where Im planning to stay and one with deck 3. I think anything from the stairs back is under either the Centrum ( don't wanna be there!) or the dining room which i guess quiets down midnight till 6ish? i can live with that!!

So ill try and pick back under dining room. How far is classed as forward ship some nice rooms the front side of the stairs maybe. Choices choices!! 2067 or 2123? One looks mid one looks rear. Is the bottom of the deck plan rear ship...will there be as much motion as front?

Sorry for all the questions. Thanks for the help.
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