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Default Tolerating Bad Behavior

Took a week-long Celebrity cruise from Bayonne to Bermuda and back the week before last. Overall, Celebrity's product was up to its usual standard.

There were a number of security issues during the cruise, one of which was unlike anything I've seen in 25 cruises. A man who was allegedly the father of one of the shipboard musicians spent much of his time on the pool deck, and took to harassing some of the passengers who hung out there. I didn't spend an awful lot of time up there but I did get to chatting with a number of the folks this guy was bothering. I also saw him several times, but he never approached me.

According to fellow passengers, threats were made, such as "I'm from Chicago and murder is what we do." For some of the folks, this was their first cruise, so I advised them to talk to security at once, and if they got no satisfaction to demand to talk to the staff captain. Security was alerted.

I was then told that on the dance floor during our first night in Bermuda, this guy was dropping pills all over the place. Passengers retrieved some of them and turned them over to security.

The next morning I was walking across the deck toward the T-pool when I saw the guy being escorted to the elevators by security personnel. People on deck cheered. The folks I'd been chatting with said that he'd been threatening people in the pool that morning. Looking over the rail we saw two Bermuda police cars on the pier, and sure enough, the guy was taken off the ship. We expected him to be put in one of the cars and taken away.

No such luck. The cops and a ship's officer stood on the pier talking to him for the better part of an hour, after which he was escorted back on the ship and the cops went away. "Well, they're going to lock him in his room or throw him in the brig," conjectured most.

No such luck. Before anyone knew it he was back among us, redoubling his annoying and threatening ways. He stared down one woman who had rebuffed him previously and said, "I'm not through with you."

Passengers went back to security and demanded to know why he was still at large on the ship. According to several I spoke to, the answer was that it was Celebrity's policy that nothing would be done until and unless he actually laid hands on someone. Every time people would complain, security's first and only question was, "Did he touch you?" Passengers also said that the security people told them that there was nothing they would love better than to kick him off the ship, but they couldn't.

As far as I know he never physically assaulted anyone, but he sure made for a lousy cruise for the pool deck denizens. I felt badly for them--especially the first-timers for whom this now defines the cruising experience.
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