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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post

Why are you quoting my post about having the Oceania Brochure?
Sorry bout that. I guess what I wrote didn't take or I didn't click right. What I said was that I don't think it would be practical for Celebrity to throw in their specialty restaurants at no extra cost. Oceania does it because their ships and restaurants are scaled to be able to pull it off--plus if I remember right, you're limited in the number of times you can use the specialties.

Now, I love Qsine, Normandie, and all the other specialties on Celebrity, including the Bistro on 5, which is ideal on some evenings when you want to avoid the MDR but don't want to face the trough upstairs. For five bucks you can usually walk right in. Many people who spend $44 a day for a drink package won't spend $5 for the Bistro.

But imagine if Celebrity made their specialties free on S class and M class. Think of the size of Qsine. It's just impossible. They'd be hammered in six seconds, because everybody would want to go (after all, they PAID for it). Charging extra eliminates the masses of people who say, "Why should I pay when I can get fed for free?" Those same people would be beating down the doors to the specialties if they were free. The dining spaces on Celebrity just aren't scaled to make this remotely possible.
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