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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
On Triumph the cruise line got blamed for everything when in fact there were a lot of passengers who misbehaved, breaking into rooms to steal alcohol, etc. They had to cut off access to alcohol because some people were getting drunk and very disorderly, essentially acting as if since it was open season to do misbehave.

Here is the thing - you can't blame a person or a cruise line for problems they couldn't see coming. They didn't know people in the front of the food line would take almost all the food put out and leave nothing but onions on the sandwiches that had been prepared for hundreds of people. People were also seen taking trays full of pastries, etc. The cruise line didn't know people would get drunk and disorderly until it happened, and then they implemented the security, but it was too late.
Your appreciation of people's behavior and the inability of cruise lines to predict it is a bit naive.

In a crisis situation the best and the worst will come out in people. It's Psych 101. The Senior Officers and Security should be educated in this and have procedures in place to handle it. This is standard Emergency Management training.

Your analogy of the bank employee who, after years of loyal service, decides to rob the bank isn't the same. There was no sudden crisis that triggers the act. That would be something that the bank could not "foresee". If the person was recently disciplined, reprimanded or scheduled for termination then that would be a different story and management is educated on what to do and watch for in an employee after corrective action or what to do if terminated. That's why bank employees, with access to data or funds, don't get a "two week notice." When people are emotional and afraid is when they do things you'd never expect.

Was Triumph as bad as the media made out? No. Was it a fun five days of camping at sea? Far from it.

People are complex but you can always count on them to do things under pressure. The right thing and the wrong thing.

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