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Good afternoon from a cooler, cloudy, Texas. I am a little late this morning, as I have been on the computer all day, and most of last night, trying to find a hotel for Jim's next trip.

I had about 60 hotels to choose from, and I had trouble finding anything that fit his needs. I finally found out that the International Fire fighters memorial was having their big to do during this time.

I have not decided if I will go with him. I would like to, because it's some place I have never been, but it will depend on finances.

I finally found two, but they are not exactly what he needs, so I will keep them booked, until we get closer to the time he leaves.

Today is Jim's last unpaid day. I am looking forward to having a full paycheck in the coming weeks. Just my luck, we will finally get one, and then they will close down the Gov, and we will be even worse off.

Today we are going shopping. I now have a lighter computer, but the old bag is to heavy, so I want something to carry it in, that will also hold my Kindle. I have a gift card, so that will cover whatever I buy.

I thought of something the other day. When we travel, I pull out my lap Top to go through security, but never my Kindle. Should I be doing it too? Has anyone ever been told they need to run their reader though, like the computer?

Well, I guess I had better get started.

I hope all of you have a good day.

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