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I can confirm that Elvis was not at Woodstock either as a performer or being spotted incognito as a hippie....however there was a "haze" so one could never be certain

Just for the record...1969 was long before the fad of breast enlargement operations, so I am sure over a 44 year span, things are holding up well

These days Lipitor replaces LSD..full charter music theme cruises (Woodstock at sea) replaces land mega music festivals..69. naked Hippie girls have grown into 2013 naked 69 black VW beetle has been replaced by my 2013 blackVW "R" 8 track tape that I paid $49 to install into my 69 beetle has been replaced with my $3500 USB "Cloud" navigation music factory installed system..paid $300 for my 69 beetle used, $30,000 for my 13 brand new

The only constant 44 years and counting...the music....Larry Graham, Carlos Santana, Joe Cocker draw huge multi generational fans today as they did that weekend in 1969..WABC Bruce "Cousin Brucie" Morrow could not classify( Black/White) the music then, still can't today
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