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Many years ago the Carnival experience was "Party Party Party" I well remember seeing people passed out on floors in the lobby. That was on the Festivale during my first cruise in 1983. In 1984 I had a similar experience on Mardi Gras. I nearly gave up on cruising. In the late 80's I went on Carnival Celebration and noticed a slight shift toward less party time and new attitudes from the cruise line. I repeated the Celebration the next year and again was pleasantly surprised. I stopped cruising due my Mothers illness. I next cruised in 2004 on Carnival Spirit and noticed a huge difference in the experience. The parties of old were gone. The cruise ship was filled with families and the atmosphere was nicer. What a nice difference. If there were an award for most changed cruise line then Carnival would win it. I still hear people with that attitude that Carnival is all party. I bet if they would try it they might change their mind.

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