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Default hippie girls

Originally Posted by venice View Post
Thanks for reminding me of the best birthday weekend ever

I remember 3 things....naked hippie girls ...seeing Sly and the Family Stone (Looking forward to seeing Larry Graham (base player) on the Carnival Freedom this November on my Capital Jazz SuperCruise) singing "I Want To Take You Higher" scared my friends and I were because we didn' tell our parents where we were (no cell phones in those days)

At the time, we did not know that we were at a life changing special event..ironic, next month I will be attending my college 40th reunion (first time back on campus since graduation)..the summer of 1969 was the end of an era...the world got very ugly after Woodstock...I think on my way back from my reunion, I will make a wide detour and visit Bethel NY and go thru my little town that I was raised in..

Woodstock could never happen again (they tried a few years back but it failed)..I think I will ask my young beautiful single female neighbor, who owns a 1973 VW Beetle, if we can go for a long birthday ride in the country today in her beetle,while listening to the 25th anniversary of Woodstock CD on my MP3 player and request that she not wear a bra ...
My friend at the time ,Marna was one of the hippie chicks .My childhood neighbor Richard P. Havens was discovered by the world .
I was convinced that Woodstock would be a mess because I knew one of the organizers ,Mike Lang and could never believe that anything he was involved with could be a success .Years later I publicly apologized to Mike.
My wife and I were in Canada 44 years ago today.
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