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? sound like was billed as a folk festival, and we would not have gone based on was only 2 towns over so we could go the back way...when we heard the Gov had shut down the NYS Thruway and that there were 1/2 million hippies, well like any 18 year old males with hormones... we figured we could go for a few hours and be home before sundown...we got lost and could not figure how to get back to the van...we were also distracted by the views...there were no port-a-potties...just shrubs,bushes and air bathing in the ponds...our eyes and minds were overwhelm with visual a kid in a candy store
There was no many ways going to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival every year these days remind me of 69 Woodstock..
At that time on the East Coast, no one had ever heard of the Bay Area Bands, Sly & The Family Stone or Santana...Laker Fan is correct about Richie Havens....before Woodstock he was unknown and gain fame because he was the opening act and was forced to perform for hours because the other headline artists could not get to the stage...the other unknown was Jimi Hendrix....Sly performed at sunset...they were one of the first bands to be integrated and to have a female horn section, it was magic..Joe Cocker, when I closed my eyes sounded
more soul then Otis greatest regret, I did not have a camera with me..Laker Fan is also correct, the promoters lost their shirts and only after selling the film rights 25+ years later did they recoup any, most folks today think the town Woodstock is where the Festival was..not true the town pulled the permit so they moved it to Bethel
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