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First off myself I have done all most nothing but CCL cruises. I have noticed the budget cuts but, they haven't affected me and the way I like to cruise. Yes the negative press has turned many people away for me it gets me a 7 day with an ocean view for under a 1,000. Price is my biggest factor in cruising which I know brings a certian "you get what you pay for" but I just have not had a problem. I read tons of reviews and I truly find that most people just let small things snow ball then next thing you know those people entire vacation is ruined. I am not one of those people, I broke my foot on one cruise and still had a good time even tho it was a task needless to say even getting crutches. Things that go beyond the control of Carnival like the people on board, look we all have partied our asses off at one time or another. People have talked about people passed out on the floor of the original ships, so this is not exactly a new problem. My wife and I went on a Spring break 4 day cruise and we both sat there and marveled and the youth of today. We are not old either She being 22 and myself 29. The way they acted was not to put in better terms was not classy in the least. But how can you blame them most of them this is there first vacation with out mom or dad and they simply let lose. Now we have all been there and done that. So all the people who are complaining about the type of people on board and how it ruins there cruise don't take in account the show that these kids put on all day and night which is the best show on board. In the end Carnival offers good ports of call at great prices. They are an older fleet and don't have the MEGA ship to charge 1,300 for room like other lines. People who love to cruise on Carnival love it for what it is. Diverse travel companions, party till you can't stop and beaches in between who and more partying. If you roll with it you too can be the 45 year old who tries to party with the 20 something year olds on board. (true story bleached hair and all)
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