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Hi , I sort of agree with most of the posts on tipping on Princess ( or most US cruise lines ) As a British cruising couple ( 15+ now ) on both British & US ships, we have found that the cultures of both countries come into play. As in the US service wages are low, and tips for good service are expected. This keeps the level of service high, where in many instances in the UK service can be poor. When booking with P&O, Thomson, you can expect little or no additional 'hidden' charges and pay normal pub prices for drinks, but are expected to tip individual good service. With US cruises, prices may appear lower, however expect to add 15% to all bar charges and $11-12 per person per day for gratuities ( tips ) You can choose to have this taken off at reception on your first day and tip as you receive the good service or if you are happy to pay, leave s is and enjoy your cruise. We have cruised NCL and paid the pre gratuity, only to find the room steward, room service & table waiters all expected more. We normally pay 60-70 out for tips on a 7 day cruise. Booked on the Ocean Princess in 2 weeks time for 8 nights and worked out 'tips' come to 120 per couple. On this occasion we will be going to cancel and pay as we see fit. As for exchange rate being good for us Brits, I don't see $1.50-1.00 being good at present. Also why do US ships have 'booze police' just in case you 'smuggle' a 5 bottle of wine on board ? Isn't 15% on top of the bar bill enough ? Tip- If you want to bring your own drinks onto to US ships- do it on the first day of embarkation - they are far too busy to worry about the odd bottle !
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