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Originally Posted by venice View Post
Timothy Leary & Jennifer O'Neal (Summer of 42) identified themselves as "hippies"..probably was more Madison Avenue then Greenwich Village term

Most Americans at that time were "anti hippie", but in many ways hippies were at the forefront of the "green movement", healthy lifestyles, and technology era. J. Edgar Hoover bundled the hippies and black panthers together as enemies of the State and focused resources to infiltrate and spy on them (in an ironic twist of fate, for the 1st time, Hoover had to break the Bureau's long standing policy of racial discrimination by recruiting Black field agents during that period)..Hoover also thought hippies were Communist

VW is introducing an updated Version of the Microbus in the next few years in a hippie flower power special edition model

At Woodstock, most of the females did not shave their legs or underarms which shocked me...In 2009, I visited Paris for the first time and saw the same thing and was stillshocked I had no desire to be a hippie or the lifestyle associated with it...the Madison Avenue types made a fortune off the movement as well as the record industry..this past season of Mad Men illustrated perfectly that era..lots of parallels between the hippie movement and the 60's Civil Rights struggle....don't remember seeing too many folks at Woodstock that looked like me...I chalk it up to it being advertised as a folk festival featuring Crosby,Stills and Nash etc. ..that's why Santana and Sly's performance stood out...Nixon was really a closet hippie when he flashed the peace sign
I have a book titled Festival Songbook .My picture is in it .

You are quite right ,there were very few people of color at Woodstock .
I don't think that it was because Crosby Stills and Nash were advertised ,That was their first public appearance .
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