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Default Richie ,etc

Originally Posted by venice View Post
Laker Fan...Richie Haven's ashes will be spread over the field on which the stage was erected today, as per his wishes...fitting tribute..Cheech and Chong , along with the group War will perform...they expect about 3000 folks

In thinking about the era 1963-1969, in many ways it reminds me of what is going on today...65 Voting Rights Act was passed which caused the South to convert from Democrat to the Republican Party via the"southern strategy"...13, Voting Rights enforcement portion gutted. and Voter suppression laws passed in southern states with Republican majority state houses and Gov. ..63March on Washington 13 March on Washington....Nixon using the FBI & IRS to spy on and punish his. political enemies...NSA, IRS, FBI scandals today...68 trying to get out of Vietnam...13 trying to get out of several war zones...60's hippie theme about destroying earth and our environment..13 Global Warming and EPA...60's free love access to birth control and Woman's Rights ..13 battle to restrict a Woman's Right To Choose....60's deep racial divide.,.13/deep racial divide...

The main difference is the age of 24/7 cable news and social networking...if they existed in 1969, Woodstock would have been covered very differently and would be perceived as a polarizing event, rather then one that brought folks together in a peaceful setting to enjoy the music...I could have used my tablet GPS to locate our van ...there would have been world wide coverage on C-Span ...port-a-potties would have been everywhere sponsored by ****** & Cialis (with flat screens inside showing commercials)...TMZ would have all the raw footage of naked hippie girls (and guys) so I would not have had to go and see for myself...the artists line up would have been different and the audience would have a different composition...instead of Richie Havens it would be Jay Z....instead of Joe Cocker it would be Robin Thicke...instead of Joan Baez it would be Taylor Swift..instead of Jimi Hendrix it would be Prince...FOX 's O'Reilly and Hannity and talk radio Rush would declare it the breakdown of society...CNN Anderson Cooper would be right in the middle of the field singing "Higher" with me
I would not have gone to Woodstock....I would be saving my $$$$ to go on my smooth jazz cruise to admire the bikini clad women on the beaches of Aruba while listening to Larry Graham on my headphones
Richie and I lived on the same street but I did not "discover" him until I was hanging out it Greenwich Village in places he was appearing .I had great admiration for him over the years because he never "sold out." That could be said only about a handful of protest singers such as Pete Seeger and Buffy Ste-Marie.

Re the current singers ,I don't think to much of Jay Z ,Taylor Swift ,etc .
Prince is 60 so he would not be a Jimi Hendrix substitute .

My days of going to folk festivals or rock concerts are way behind me although in 2003 I went to a hippiefest concert .
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