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Originally Posted by Matelot View Post
Choose a less expensive room. We sailed in May when rates were better than mid summer when we usually cruise. I booked the cheapest inside, for 3 of us, and got upgraded at the pier, to a midships balcony . Even so we spent very little time in the room and hardly any on the balcony, it is such a huge ship and there's so much to see you just don't get the time... It's easy to find your way around because of the digital signage. I felt like I was walking all week long though. It was great to see it, but our next ship will be Jewel in the S Carib..

Rather than booking so far ahead, can you do a last minute booking on the Promowave. Look at these prices -
it pays to wait sometimes.
Unfortunately cabin type is non negotiable , it has to be a suite for three people or it won't be happening, just one thing I won't budge on. I did look at maybe bringing on a fourth person and doing 2 ocean balcony cabins but your still looking at $1,600 per person , not as bad.

When are you doing Jewel? I love the ports and the ship looks pretty nice and the price is good so I'm interested in looking more into it.
My next cruise will be on a Royal ship just not sure what ship.
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