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Default Iron Butterfly

Originally Posted by venice View Post
Todd.."Cousin Brucie" is alive and well and was on the first Malt Shop Memories Cruise...back in the day in the NYC area he was huge...he had the prime 7 pm to midnight am slot and Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons sang his theme song...I was a big fan of Wolfman Jack but could only get his show on a clear night on the then much smaller am show...I once was on his show when I called in to request a song by the Brooklyn Bridge for a girl I had a crush on and wanted to marry at age 16

"Cousin Brucie" was tongue tied when he tried to describe the music of Sly and the Family Stone to his listeners...I remember he got into big trouble when he played a James Brown funk song on his show back in the 60's (which was a no-no for am radio at the time)

Back then AM radio was king and no one listen to FM radio...WABC 77.7 was king, now it's like #14 in the market..if a song was more then 2 minutes 39 seconds it could not be played on the air...they had a heck of a time with Iron Butterfly
They were essentially a one hit wonder .In -A-Gadda-Da-Vida is one of the greatest songs ever written .
Iron Butterfly released 2 LP's with the song on it .I have both .
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