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Though I wasn't a big fan of Doo-Wop, again if I remember correctly, the Doo-Wop show was on Sundays (but it wasn't, of course, hosted by Morrow).

The story I was previously mentioning is this. The friend who had managed the AM station in Hyde Park, had a "whiskey voice" that was in the basement; in short, the absolute epitome of a disc jockey's voice. At the time the following occurred, WABC absolutely controlled the market at any time, night or day.....with one exception.

My friend Jim strangely enough, didn't want to be a DJ, rather in the early forties as a youngster, he was far more interested in the technical aspects of radio. He was eventually made manager in Hyde Park when WABC controlled everything within around a 100 miles of New York....they "owned" the market.

Jim was (and is) extremely analytical. you'll recall Venice, that back then, the news in AM radio came, in the overwhelming number of highly rated stations, at the top of each hour. Jim, instead of broadcasting the news at the top of every hour, instructed all of his DJ's to play the #1 hit instead. Well, back then when the kids listed to the radio, whenever the news came on all of us kids (as I'm sure did you) would go "station hunting," even if they were listening to WABC. In only a manner of weeks, Jim's station absolutely controlled the market in the Poughkeepsie/Hyde Park area and dis so for I understand a number of years. It was such a feat in the radio world, that the WABC DJ's would mock the Hyde Park station and when they gave the weather, wouldn't include the Mid-Hudson Valley. Though I wasn't around when all this occurred, folks in Hyde Park said the "happening" for lack of a better term, was fascinating.

Okay, seguey to a few years after all of this occurred. Bruce was the guest speaker at a function in Hyde Park of WWII Vets, most of whom were combat Vets and who didn't of course like the "modern" music. Well, Bruce was going from table to table introducing himself. He came up to Jim's table (at which some of the Vets seated there were VERY successful business executives). He pulled his patented high pitched, "High, I'm Cousin Brucie!" and asked Jim (who by luck of the draw was the first person Morrrow addressed at that table) who he was. Jim, just looked up at Morrow with a sly grin and in that tremendous gravelly base voice said, "I'm the SOB who blew you out of the Hudson Valley!" The table just absolutely broke up and Morrow turned as red as a beet and immediately excused himself to the next table.
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