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Todd..great story, thanks for sharing...Cousin Brucie's big rival was Murray The K out of Cleveland...when Cousin Brucie left the air he went into business with a consortium that purchase several radio stations including the one in Hyde Park, that your friend probably worked at

The success of the full charter Malt Shop Memories Cruise, demonstrates the staying power of the music of that era and the absolute power of the DJ''s who could make or break a hit record...would never happen today with the market being dominated by 1-2 corporate mega media corporations (Clear View Communications etc) where everything is programmed and "canned" and DJ's play from a playlist..many stations dropped that format in favor of talk radio

Ironic, the cruise industry and PBS have saved the great music of that era (doo wop, Soul Train, smooth jazz etc) and provided a forum for those artists to continue their careers
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