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Originally Posted by thecruisequeen View Post
Yes Allure and Oasis do price out on the higher side. These ships do very well and there is no need to lower the rates. The cheapest inside I ever seen for the twin beauties is $749. pp. If you can get $899 or less on the twins that is a good deal.

You will find better rates on the other ships in the fleet especially if you are flexible with dates. Right after labor day until February (excluding Holidays) some excellent rates can be found. March and April is the spring break season which brings rates higher....May also there are some good rates out there. May is after spring break and before many schools let out for the summer.

Brilliance does a 5 nighter with really good rates right after the new year. Freedom also there are good rates to be found. Also Indy does a 8 night or 6 night with great itineraries.

If Allure is out of your range I would stick to a Freedom, Voyager or Radiance class ship. Good Luck!!
Thanks, I would never attempted spring break...the less kids the better.

I'm thinking we will do the two balcony cabins and just bring on a fourth friend so two to a room. It's not that we can't afford a suite but more like we don't know if we want to if that makes sense.

We have been cruising early Dec and the price is a little cheaper so maybe that's what we'll stick with.

Thanks for the help everyone.

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