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Originally Posted by JQH View Post
How was the aqua show on the Allure?

We have been on Oasis and have Allure booked for this fall.. the "oasis of dreams" was the best show ever and I am hoping for the same on the Allure.

Also, seafood shack vs rita's cantina? The seafood shack was a horrible experience for us.. so greasy, too forever for our food (and they weren't even busy) and then they messed up our order and our waitress was never around. Anyway, when we go on the Allure we will have our 13 month old with us and I am a little concerned the party aspect of this restaurant.

To be honest, Rita's cantina food wasn't all that- it was typical family dining 'Mexican' restaurant, but it's a very small fee to eat there - IIRC $3 or so.... The fiesta evening was fun, with food, 3 drinks (large Margaritas) and the fun and games with the staff, for $20 each.
I agree with the reviews of Aquashow, it is the most impressive show I have ever seen, on ship or on land. Just super!
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