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Default Norwegian Getaway Inaugural Cruise Changed

Guests who were booked on the 11-night transatlantic cruise from Rotterdam to Miami aboard Norwegian Getaway, and those who were booked on the ships inaugural cruise from Miami, are getting some bad news today.

Norwegian has decided to charter the ship for the Super Bowl which is being played in New York (well, New Jersey really) on February 2. So instead of sailing from Miami on February 1, the revised inaugural will happen on February 8. The charter will have the ship in NY from January 29 through February 3 - apparently tied up at the pier as a hotel ship for the game.

The transatlantic will now be from Southampton to NY and last 10 nights. So, those who were hoping to sail from cold Europe to warm Miami will instead embark on a journey that will remain in cold climates start to finish. I would not be happy about it if I were booked.

Those on the transatlantic will have their bookings automatically moved to the revised sailing, and get some money back for the lost day of the cruise along with a $100 OBC per cabin ($200 for suites). No word on how the cruise line is handling those on what was to be the first sailing from Miami. Also, the letter sent to those on the transatlantic cruise will let them rebook another cruise with a deadline of December 31, 2014.

Also, no mention was made about compensating for changing air reservations already booked.
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