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Default Stolen Backpack from Family

While shopping on North 5th, Saturday last weekend, our rolling backpack was stolen behind our back while tending to our two year old in a stroller. I was inside the curio shop next to 7-11 on left (on 5th) and was distracted by the 15 year old shop keep. I believe they have a second location on Benito Juarez...........

The second girl (her friend) watched from the street and obviously saw the bag stolen, yet will say nothing.

When the Municipal police arrived, they said the shop keepers next door (Name starts with a "C" I believe) had a young boy wrap the bag in a blanket and take it in their store?? The story changed many times while being questioned by the police.

The shop keepers obviously saw the bag snatched and also will say nothing, why? Who steals from a family patronizing the local economy? I spent thousands of dollars to get there and truly love Cozumel.

Anyhow, we do not want the 2k in pesos back, we only want our Black Canon ELPH Camera, model 110 HS, serial number 6039B001 (BA), or (21) 452021045979, with a 4G memory card inside. The camera was in a blue camera pouch.

The card has several pictures with our children loaded.

Consular Agent: Anne R. Harris, has been notified and a sworn statement is on its way from California to open an official investigation.

This kind of behavior among the shop keepers will destroy the great reputation that Cozumel posses very swiftly.

Please help if anyone has any information. Who, why or where. The two shops in question are located behind 7-11 on 5th street, just left of Juarez. The first and second shops. If any one knows the names of these establishments, please post.

I will gladly buy my camera back if it is in a local shop for sale.

We will offer a reward as well.

Michael Buescher
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