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Default A response to the original op-ed piece

The short answer is simply yes. I would cruise Carnival again.
But I disagree with the basic premise of the main article, which seems to be "Hey, s**t happens".
I think the cruise industry in general does a poor job of handling emergencies and I don't think it is going to change, either. Concordia was not the wake up call it needed to be (muster drills now mandated early seems to be the industry's hand wringing response... big deal). The Carnival fiascos point to poor naval architecture, poor project management during new builds, and poor crew training. In ALL cruise ship major incidents in the last 10 or 20 years, how many people stated over and over that the public announcements either were non-exixtant or severely understated the problems.
Remember the Ecstasy fire in '97 ? A fire that started in a closet... a closet ! ... disabled the ship. TV video showed a waiter dangling a fire hose off the Lido deck in an apparent idea that dribbling water down the side of the ship would help. Carnival actually said it was proud of the brave performance of it's firefighting team.
The Oceanus (sp?) off South Africa was abandoned by her crew so early that her pianist had to coordinate the evacuation.
A Princess ship made an emergency turn due to an "accidental order" from the bridge. Injuries and mayhem
Several crewmen killed in a fire on Noordam some years ago.
A Norwegian ship encountered a rogue wave with predictable results that were apparently unpredicted.
The list goes on.
I have cruised 17 times and none of these events has discouraged me from this pleasure. In fact, I just booked another cruise. But I am a realist who ALWAYS pays attention to my surroundings. If I was truly worried about it I simply wouldn't cruise. But I think your opinion piece does a dis-service to readers when it glosses over problems within the cruise industry.
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