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Very difficult situation to be in. Yes, I was aware they had cancelled what is basically the rest of the Alaska season for the Millie.

I do hope they are able to fix her problems once and for all. We were on her in Australia a few years ago when she ran into major problems. We heard the boom one night at dinner. My DH knew the problem right away and said there was going to be trouble ahead. Luckily for us we were only a couple of days to completion of our cruise so we missed nothing. The next 3 cruises were not so lucky. They were all cancelled while she was taken into dry dock for repairs.

To be very honest, as much as I like the S class, I haven't been back on one since. I advise my clients of the possible problems as well before they book.

I'm assuming they thought they had it fixed and could continue for more than one reason. Although there is a perfect dry dock in Victoria, it is being used for a Canadian Navy ship at the moment and there is no room. As has happened, they will now have to limp to the Bahamas, long way to go.

For those onboard and waiting to board, this is a terrible disappointment. I will say, Celebrity is trying. There are still going to be a lot of disappointed cruisers, but there really isn't much they can do except to try to salvage as much as possible.

Those that are on now and want to cancel their land portion scheduled to start on Friday have been told no refund and rightly so. Celebrity will get them there and pay for the cost, they should accept that and move on.

However, this will be another black eye on the cruising industry in general.
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