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Hi Kalliny,

I am female, single (straight) and just turned 60 last month. I live about 45 minutes South of Port Canaveral, on the east coast. I would like to go on a cruise soon...I hate booking too far ahead. I guess I'm a "last minute" kind of woman. I just hate the waiting game. :0) I dont drink or smoke at all. I'm very respectful and clean. I do like to sleep with the TV on low at night as it keeps me from having nightmares. I haven't had one in a few years since sleeping with the TV on. It drowns out unfamiliar noises and I suppose, occupies my mind while I sleep. Not sure where you are from, but the Melbourne Airport is close by...about 20 minutes from me. I also live alone, no kids or pets and have a spare room if you'd like to use it. That way you could relax the day before departure. We can share parking expense, which isn't that expensive. I'm happy to pay for the gas as it's not that far. Let me know what you think. My email is If you would like to see my portfolio, go here: HaroPhotography It will show you my background.
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