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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat View Post
You can be sure of that. Carnival is the proof however I honestly don't think Celebrity will take the hit they did. Celebrity is thinking smartly with the refunds and FCC etc.

However, there are a lot of angry people who don't think they are getting enough.
I was thinking of family members. they were all hot to do a Baltic next summer and now they say no. We were looking at 3 cruises, NCL, RCI, and MSC, none on Carnival. So they said," oh yeah there was a fire on RCI too and that disaster on costa last year," so they do not want to go on nay cruses period. Now this is just another they can add.

The one really wants to go to St. Petersburg. Maybe she will get there.

That is okay, I was not really interested in doing a Baltic so much anyway, at least not particularity St. Petersburg. I would like to go to Copenhagen and see some of Norway. But I really would rather go back to Italy, France, England and Ireland.
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