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You've peaked my interest 'ol pardner. What is the name of your actress friend? If someone is in the arts such as film, TV, or theater, they're obviously public figures yet in the overwhelming number of similar circumstances, you use the term, "my friend." I can't understand why any celebrity would care about being identified. Matter of fact, I've never even read about one who didn't want to be mentioned their being filmed or telecast in a production although there might be someone...possibly for embarrassing reasons. Park Overall, one of the admittedly few celebrities I know, certainly doesn't care, matter of fact she plays on it.
If you have read all or most of my posts you will see that I always list the name of the person I am talking about such as my cousin the singer-actress-comedienne Marilyn Michaels or the Studio 54 honcho Steve Rubell or Mike Lang who was one of the Woodstock organizers both of whom were my friend. Another guy I mentioned was Vaughn Harper and my dear friend Roger Brown who on Sept.8 will be inducted into the Basketball Hall Of Fame .I mentioned Frank Tepedino who played for the NY Yankees ,another guy who i've known many years .
Two of my hollywood sources are Loretta Swit and Ellen DeGeneres .
Re my actress friend who I was referring to that you specifically asked about .I will be seeing socially next month and if she has no problem I will tell you her name .I doubt very much that you ever heard of her .
I also previously mentioned that in November I will be seeing the star of The Social Network,Jesse Eisenberg at a function and I've know him since he was 4 years old.
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