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I always love it when people overreact! When you look at how many cruises took place last year with over 16million passengers and you consider how many problems there actually were (less than a handful), the chances of having a major problem are so remote that they actually have a better chance of getting killed driving to the airport!

With thinking like that, they shouldn't leave the house and never go anywhere on vacation. After all, the plane could fall out of the sky.

I'm not saying problems could not happen because obviously they do. But it doesn't happen all that often. The major problem is that when they do happen, the press blows everything way out of proportion and scares the hell out of those who don't know any better. And people who don't know alot about something and may be a little nervous about it in the first place are usually looking for something to support their fears instead of dispel them.

As I was discussing with a new client the other day, when people go on a cruise and everything turns out well, they got what they expected. And when people are happy with their cruise, they don't make a big deal about it, the press doesn't report it, and not alot of people care you had a good time. But let one little thing go wrong and everybody goes nuts to make a great big deal about it and make sure that everyone else knows about it.

As the saying goes; misery loves company. And we love to share misery.

This forum is a good example; we're constantly getting new people coming on here who have never posted before and they'll join just to complain about something and then never post again. They just wanted to share their misery.

I made up a saying many years ago that I think sums it up: "You'll always find what you're looking for, so look for the best in everything."

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