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Originally Posted by cruise planner View Post
With thinking like that, they shouldn't leave the house and never go anywhere on vacation. After all, the plane could fall out of the sky.

Having dinner last week with our son, an airline captain, a cousin asked him if he was ever "upset" when planes crash. Of course he is, but he has it in perspective. He flies out of LaGuardia and lives in the Hudson Valley, and said, "I'm in a lot more danger on the Palisades Parkway than I am strapping an airplane to my ass."

Several years ago he made a quick trip to Detroit from New York for the graduation party of a favorite relative. He "caught a jumpseat" on a noon flight, came to the party, and went home on a 9pm flight. At the party, a cousin who is retired, but has never flown in his life, looked at our son incredulously. "You came here from New York just for this?" Our son replied that of course he did. No big deal. The befuddled cousin stared at him in disbelief. Our son added, "You do know what I do for a living, don't you?"

It's sad to think about the things people deprive themselves of because there's an outside chance that something could go wrong. What an unfortunate way to make choices.

But I'm also sad to hear about the Millie's ongoing problems. We have very fond memories of her as far back as 2000 in the Mediterranean and 2003 on a crossing to Spain. We've also had wonderful cruises on the Connie and the Summit (as recently as three weeks ago), and really, really like the Millie class ships. But Millie seems to have been star-crossed mechanically ever since she was launched. I hope they can straighten things out.
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