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This is not good for Celebrity or everyone who had booked a, late season, Alaska cruise. I do hope there is some accommodation for people who had non-refundable air.

We were on Millennium last December, in Southeast Asia, and I have to say I was a bit disappointed. I have sailed her twice before and loved the ship but she is showing her age. She needed some sprucing up. The elevator buttons were worn, carpeting needed replacing in some of the halls and near the buffet. This was strange since she'd had a dry dock earlier in 2012. It also didn't seem like your standard Celebrity cruise. The ports were wonderful but the service and attitude of the staff were just "ok". None of these have anything to do with the engine problem that has plagued this class of ship they were first launched. Even though Millennium is just over thirteen years old she has aged and I wonder how much longer she's going to stay around.

I also can't understand why people let their fears get in the way of doing what they dream of. In my signature is a statement I made up a long time ago and it does ring true: "Fear is the assassin of dreams." If you succumb to your fears you will never realize your dreams.

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