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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat View Post
What exactly is it you don't understand.. The ongoing problems with the Millie is Alaska this week, the absolute idiocy of the way this event has been handled, the complete lack of a word of empathy from Bayley, tell me what you don't understand.

He didn't speak up - he has been so silent one wonders if he's even real. He hasn't been at this job long but the first real emergency has taken place and his lack of response is quite notable.

Anything, just anything he could have said. Instead he sent a crew of people who couldn't handle the job. Now with in the area of 10 - 12 thousand unhappy people, please tell me what you don't understand.
What I don't understand if the part of your statement that I quoted. You stated they were booking people on night flights and that Bayley put an end to this. I'm curious where you heard this or if there is any proof to your statement. I'm not sticking up for anyone but that is a dynamite accusation if true.

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