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I watched last night and I have say, once again, I don't like any of them. I am still amazed that last year I got sucked into Big Brother like a piece of lint into the vacuum. Now I've watched about five or six of the episodes and no one really grabs me.

From what I can see Amanda needs to go. I can't understand why she wasn't nominated unless they are trying to back door her. Amanda I think has played a good game but I think people are actually "afraid" of her even though she is terrible at competitions and is really no threat.

The red haired guy is hilarious. He just runs from one side to another telling whoever is in power that week what's going on. He should be taken to the final three because he wouldn't get any votes.

Spencer and Gina Marie are nothing but ballast and people keep them for pawns and a vote.

At least McRae is getting some action in the house. I doubt he'd be getting any outside of the house.

Oh well: I'll probably start watching regularly now since there aren't too many people left. My mind needs to have some mind candy a couple of times a week.

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