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Good late morning Gang. Got the dog walked and the front yard mowed. I have an appointment with the neurologist for my checkup in a while.

Bob, that was nice of you and your wife. I hope the family will enjoy the piano.

Cloyd, I love the name. It's the first time I've heard it.

As for Miley, I'm thinking that she probably basically had no childhood of her own. She did what her family/dad wanted her to, and did it under the spotlight. Now she's pushing back hard. Unfortunately, she's only hurting herself. Well, she's probably bring a lot of shame to her dad, too. (You really should not live through your children.)

Well, that's Dr. Moiraine's rant for the day. Got to go load the washer and then get ready for the appointment.

TM, I hope everything goes well. xoxo

Have a good one all.
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