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1) paying for baggage on a flight.

Now that they have started charging you to take baggage on a flight everyone takes just carryon luggage - so what has this done? It has slowed down the boarding process like crazy as everyone vies for s spot in the luggage bins - but it has also got the airlines breaking their own rules and inviting people to check luggage for free even though others already paid $25 dollars.

Yes - I realize there is a weight difference and that our would not have fit in the bins, but the main reason we check it is so we don;t have to worry about it during layovers, etc.

Is it fair that most people do not have to pay a cent to check luggage, but those who want to do it have to pay?

2) Rental Car surprises. These are worse that your phone bill where a $25 monthly fee gets socked with $45 in additional taxes which they do NOT tell you about up front.

I just rented a car and it gave a price of $201 TOTAL. (it said), but when I went to check out the cost was closer to $296 total
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