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Originally Posted by richsea View Post
I realize that you are a moderator, but aren't you also a travel agent? Not sure if your advise would necessarily be in the poster best interests. Isn't this conflict of interest?
Yes, I am an agent, but it's not a conflict of interest to advise people to search for a reputable agent they can work with who will look after their best interest. And it's especially good advise not to work with an online agency that charges cancellation fees. A good agent won't charge any fees.

It's like looking for someone in any other profession; find out their background, find out about their personal cruising experience, and ask alot of questions. There are alot of unscrupulous people in every profession, so it's definitely not a conflict of interest to advise people to do their homework and find someone they feel comfortable with and want to build a good working relationship with.

As for Crucon, I have personally talked to several people who have had complaints with them, especially about their service, fees, and misleading advertising.

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