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I didn't catch their ages, but based on what they look like and the problems he had, I can only assume they were seniors, just not sure what age.

While it's always cheaper for the average cruiser to purchase independent travel insurance, often times it's cheaper for seniors to purchase the insurance offered by the cruise line.

The reason for this is the cruise line insurance is the same price for everyone based on the length of the cruise, so the price is averaged out. Whereas independent insurance is based on a person's age and amount to be covered, so the price is individualized.

Keep in mind that the amounts covered under the policies differ. Usually the cruise lines' policies are much less than independent, but some will not cover independent airfare.

So it's not unusual for seniors, especially those over 80, to go with best price instead of best coverage.

It's definitely one of those areas where the agent needs to discuss all the options and options with the client so the client can make an informed decision on what's best for them. And this is most obviously one of those issues where an agent should never recommend a course of action and let the client make the decision.

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