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We welcome all opinions here, and we welcome the advice of travel agents.

Personally, I would think another travel agent is the perfect person to ask about CruCon - who would know them better? However, I am not an agent.

I do not know them that well - but I believe they specialize in cheap prices for people who want to handle most of the cruise details themselves.

If you already know what ship, cabin, sail date and [other things] you want then CruCon can probably get you a good deal. But if something goes wrong, if you need to change something, if you have an emergency [etc] then I think you would do better with a "full service" agent that works by selling quality cruises over quantity cruises.

CruCon is the "favored" travel agent at Cruise Critic (at least they were in the past, I haven't checked lately) and most of the people there know exactly what they want in a cruise, and probably make their own air arrangements and hotel reservations. I doubt if they even want any advice from an agent.

But if you are looking for an agent who will do it all for you, or at the very least double check everything you do (I can't tell you how many little mistakes I typically make when planning any travel myself, it is almost embarrassing) and who will be there for you if you have a problem, then go with a different agent.

I can almost guarantee (I can't say I give absolute guarantees on anything) you the price of the cruise will be the same very close either way.
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