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Originally Posted by misteragape View Post
My husband and I will be taking our first cruise in March with Princess (Caribbean Princess). The stops are Cozumel, Belize and Roatan.
1. The week we have booked is Spring Break.
2. We are 50 (hubby) and 45 (me) cruising alone, both NON-drinkers.
3. I have recently (within a year of cruise date) had a total knee replacement, complete with a prostetic knee cap.
4. We are looking forward to some rest and relaxation after a VERY stressful year.

Having said this, we are looking to maybe skip a port and just relax on the ship while a majority of people will be out. Maybe enjoy the pools and not be as crowded.
It seems as though all three stops offer pretty much the same thing, so in everyone's experience, which port would you skip? Someone said in Belize we may have to take a smaller vessel to get to the destinations, and that may be hard on my new knee...then someone said being spring break that Cozumel may be over-run with drunk college students.
Open to all suggestions and advice!
First, I'm surprised your agent couldn't answer any of your questions as they are relatively common.

With that said, I'm older than you (63), so I definitely like to relax while on my cruise and personally, I would definitely not schedule a cruise during Spring break, unless you absolutely have to. Any ship, no matter the cruise line, will be filled with spring breakers and it can get to be a whole lot of fun! We once booked a cruise for the week after Spring break. Bad idea! While it was the week after Spring break here in the Mid-Atlantic, it was Spring break in the Mid-West! Nothing but a big party.

We've been on the Caribbean Princess and you'll like that ship for sure. As for the ports and which one to bypass, there is no 'may' about taking tenders in Belize. You 'definitely' will have to take a tender into port as there is no pier there, so if you feel unstable getting on/off a small boat, it may be the port for you to skip.

As for Cozumel, yes, it can definitely get rowdy during Spring break, but they stay pretty much in the downtown area and at some of the beach clubs like Carlos 'n Charlies. If you stay in the area around the cruise pier as well as the International cruise pier next to it, you'll be fine as it's for cruise passengers and they have pretty much everything you'll need or want in the area.

Same thing with Roatan - you can just stay right there and enjoy the beach area.

It's a nice itinerary on a nice ship, but if you can, think about changing the dates so you don't have to worry about the Spring breakers and can relax more.

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