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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post

I respect you as a poster, and I am very glad you continue to use CruiseMates. I guess you could say the rules have been lightened up a little, or you could say the way we apply them has lightened up.

I don't like to turn any thread into a discussion of the rules - but we do allow people to ask about various agencies and I think most of us gave fair assessments of what we think is the business model of the agency.

We also don't have rules against mentioning Cruise Critic (we have rules against people telling people here to go there) - that is difference.

the "attacks" and defamatory language that are not allowed refer to people doing it to one another here in the boards, but you have the right to express any opinion about a cruise-related business.

I actually don't even find what people said here about the agency to be that negative - they described what they believe the business model to be (based on their experience) and if that is what a person wants (and many people do) then I see no problems with going that route.

I cannot personally verify for the accuracy of what people say here, but that isn't my job. If someone wants to express a different opinion about the company they are welcome to do that - its open discussion here - we don't censor people's opinions here as long as it isn't slander (and look up the definition of slander - deliberately lying in order to cause harm to a party - and I have no reason to believe that is the case here). That's all I will say about rules here - this is a cruise discussion board.
I accept your statements, no problem. The only difficulty I had with this one is that is was crucon which is associated with a competitor and it might look a little self serving.
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