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Thanks so much for your opinions. We are not considering Boston because we really want to cruise from Ny. And our budget is also suitable for these cruise lines.

What about the destinations? Would you recommend Bahamas, Bermuda or Carnival Splendors Caribbean destinations? It is so hard to make up our minds and just make the reservation

I would propably already booked Norwegian Breakaway but then I read the reviews that said that Jogging track there is not very good. And that is very important to us both. But i am wondering if we could run in bermuda?

Summit also seems great but is it too boring and small for us after oasis? I am also wondering if celebritys dress code is too much for us because we are kind of casual people. And we also dont have enormous budget so is there only expensive wines etc.?

Carnival seems to have very low price since that cruise is longest we are considering. But is the Splendor too partyparty for us?

Gem has the lowest price and seems nice ship but we dont like too many children around so I have heard that gem has alot of small children.

And with explorer i am wondering is it too similar than oasis which we are going to experience already in december?

I would be grateful if someone would comment these things I am wondering. And sorry bad english!
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