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And give Cameron credit for accepting the decision without a vote. He said he "gets it," and it really appears that he does.

Of course, now we have another political football where the merits of honest debate will instantly give way to "if Obama wants it, I don't," especially in the House. There will be some interesting pushback in the Senate among the "shoot first, ask questions later" crowd led by McCain, who now, ironically, finds himself on the wrong side of this issue politically.

I'm also concerned that this issue will take an inordinate amount of time in Congress during the precious few days of the term that are left in between additional vacations, boondoggles, etc. Among their other deficiencies lately, our beloved legislature has proven itself unable to walk and chew gum at the same time--and sometimes they can't even walk. And there is so much left undone. I hope that they will be forced to come back before their scheduled start on Sept. 9.

Watching Kerry try to make the case the other day, I was one of many who thought of the impassioned plea made by Colin Powell before the UN all those years ago, when he managed to get a war started with a load of utter baloney. Worse, he said later that he thought the info was more than a little suspect. This will forever be a blotch on a good man's name, because if he didn't believe what he was told to say, his obvious option was to resign instantly as a matter of conscience. I can't believe he needed the money that badly (he could have instantly walked in to many multiples of it in the private sector). It's the damn "good soldier" mindset of the these military guys who just can't bring themselves to disobey a superior, even when the nation's honor, treasure, and the lives of its soldiers are at stake.

Meanwhile, George Tenet, who told Powell that the info was a "slam dunk," was rewarded with the National Medal of Freedom by Bush the younger, the nation's highest civilian honor. As somebody who knows a couple other people who have been given this honor--and who deserve it--I resent the fact that Tenet has been allowed to soil its meaning.

Anyway, more than anything else, it is surely the echoes of that disastrous speech by Powell that have brought us to where we are today. Which I guess proves that some good can come out of damn near anything. But think of how much better shape we'd be in now if the neocons had been honest and taken measured steps just after the turn of the century.
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