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Originally Posted by Trip View Post
With my flying history, the worst was a kid kicking my seat, with parents that have mush for brains..There is no way I will believe these people don't get it,and try and improve the situation....they are miserable human beings. I adressed this fact with the flight attendant,and they were spoken change. I was moved to business class.

I once sat next to a guy who was using the nail file part of a nail clipper to dig to China..I wanted to scream.

Another vile habit is when one takes their shoes off..more vile when the foot is bare....grrr

Ok I am never flying again! Maybe this would work?

Another airline rolls out a 'no-kids' zone
You wouldn't want to sit by me. I always take my shoes off while I'm seated. However, I do wear socks and each day I do this thing called "bathing" so I don't have a foot odor problem.

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