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I was thinking something different about Kerry's speech yesterday. It reminded me of the speeches he gave apposing the Nam war, only this time he appears to be for it. Both of the situations seem to have been the same, as far as human rights are concerned.

I am reading a book now about the last days of Kennedy, and can't believe how much it talks about Nam, and hearing almost the same thing on the news as I read.

No matter what anyone has said yesterday, or 6 years ago, we find ourselves in a pickle.

As I was typing to Annie, I heard on the tv that President Obama had left for the golf course, with the vice pres., and I found myself being relieved that at least there, we would be okay.

I hope something can be done this week, instead of next week. I worry the talks with Congress and the Pres.., will be the same week as the anniversary of 9/11.
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