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Default Yes. I as well as Obama am war weary...

I am tired of seeing an administration claiming 1400 gassed Syrian dead and then an independent group said the true number was only 400. When did we hear about this last: Collin Powell at the UN claiming weapons of mass destruciton at the UN. I'm tired of hearing about Americans killed in Afghanistan. I'm tired of hearing how Obama is going to draw down US troops Afghanistan and then hearing actually there will be a large residual force left there. I'm tired of an administration that doesn't want to explain to the public what is the long term plan after cruise missle bombings. Does the intensity of the bombing intensify to further degrade Asaud's capabilities. What is the long term objective.

And I dread to think what happens if Israel says Iran has crossed the red line and Israel uses atomic weapons to destroy Iran's nuclear capabilities because convential weapons can't destroy this capability. Is this action morally irresponsible and requires a response to punish the Israelis. Not likely. Right.
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