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I once sat next to a woman who was afraid to fly and we had what might be considered the ultimate 'bad scenario' for her.

It was a commuter jet from Atlanta to Huntsville, there had been numerous weather delays for severe thunderstorms and the weather was still iffy with foreboding skies. I get to my seat and the lady is already there saying 'oh my God' over and over. She is freaked about the small plane and weather and then it gets better.

The flight attendant walks by and we both notice she has a prosthetic left arm - one with the hook type 'hand'. This was new to me too, but she obviously met the qualifications and physical requirements, so be it.
The seatmate almost passed out while still chanting 'OMG' over and over. The flight attendant then pulls a case of bottled water out and rips off the plastic covering by puncturing it with the hook hand and ripping it off. By this time I was barely able to contain my laughter as the lady says, "I can't do this" and starts to unbuckle and leave. Before she can get up they announce the cabin door is closed and we push back. So, she is stuck. She spent the flight with her head in her hands as we bounced around a good bit in the rough air.
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