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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
Betty and I were talking about this last night. We finally agreed that the worst person to sit next to on a plane is someone who is afraid to fly or is a nervous/impatient flyer. Any small bump, small delay, peanuts instead of pretzels, whatever meal is served, unable to fit their "carry on" in the overhead bin, etc. causes either a series of "complaining", a the nervous "humph!", endless re positioning in their seat, or endless talking about all that is wrong with flying. Just shut up, read your book. It isn't that bad.

I know I'll probably be hated for saying this but it's true.

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Mike, I like your description of the nervous passenger. I am a quiet nervous passenger. I can't think of the fact we are without wheels on the ground. I have things I do to make it feel better. One is a prayer that says if it is my time to go, then I am ready. Not to long ago, a man sitting next to me said, "If you go, could you not take me with you?" I didn't realize I was speaking out loud.

One of the reasons I wanted my new computer was to avoid the overhead bin. It will be small enough to go under the seat. I hate the way people act about the overheads. It's embarrassing too me.

One thing I make a point of doing is thanking the pilots for a safe flight. It makes them smile, but I figure what's wrong with a little bit of extra good Karma.
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